The Game Edit


The Star Fox 64 start screen.

Star Fox 64 was the 2nd game of the Star Fox series (not including the canceled Star Fox 2). It was considered Star Fox fan's favorite of the series. You can play mainly as Fox McCloud, but on Vs. mode you can also play as Peppy Hare (Player 2),Slippy Toad (Player 3), and Falco Lombardi (Player 4). The game also consists of training and many different paths to either Venom 1 or Venom 2. It is now available on the Wii Virtual Console.



James McCloud (Fox's father) was on a mission with Peppy and Pigma Dengar (they were the original Star Fox team) when Pigma betrayed them to Andross. Peppy barley escaped Venom and James was left to Andross. Peppy returned home to tell Fox about his father's fate. Years later, a new Star Fox team was created under the command of Fox McCloud.

===Main Plot===

Wolf O'donnel, as he appears in Star Fox 64

Andross, the evil scientist, has threatened to destroy the galaxy. General Pepper of the Cornerian Army has sent Star Fox, lead by Fox McCloud, to defeat him. With the help of Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi, Star Fox is ready for action! They start in Corneria and try to get to Andross's home world, Venom. Along the way, Fox meets with old friends: Bill Grey and Katt Monroe. Star Fox's rival, Star Wolf, also makes a first appearance. Andross ordered Star Wolf to take down Star Fox. Star Wolf does not succeed, but Fox either destroys an Andross android or the real Andross. The supposedly real ending is that Fox destroys Andross and saves the Lylat System.


Rob 64

R.O.B. 64, as he appears in Star Fox 64



Attack Carrier from Star Fox 64


Easy PathEdit

  • Stage 2: Meteo Medal-200
  • Stage 5: Bolse Medal-150
  • Stage 6: Venom 1 Medal-200

Medium PathEdit

Star Fox 64 Map

Star Fox 64 stage map

  • Stage 4: Solar Medal-100
  • Stage 7: Venom 1/2 Medal-200

Hard PathEdit

  • Stage 3: Aquas Medal-150
  • Stage 7: Venom 2 Medal-200


  • Analog stick-move vehicle
  • Start button-pause game/check teammates condition
  • A-fire laser
  • ↑C-change camera angle
  • ←C-use turbo
  • →C-respond to message
  • ↓C-use brakes
  • R-go to right
  • Z-go to left

Main GameEdit

The main game is the story mode of Star Fox 64. You start with a prologue of the game(Fox's father, James, being betrayed by Pigma). After the prologue, the game gives you the map of the Lylat System. You start on stage 1: Corneria and end on stage 6/7 Venom 1/2, depending on which path you took. Each stage consists of enemy fighters and a boss, including Sector Z, where there is no boss but six enemy missiles to destroy. After completing a path, ending with Venom, you will see an epilogue of General Pepper asking Star Fox if they would join the Cornerian Army. Fox turned down the offer and left in the Great Fox. After the Great Fox flies away with the Arwings, you will either see THE END if you beat Andross's brain, or Andross's face if you beat the android. The real ending is that Fox defeats Andross's brain, and the Lylat System is safe.


Training mode is a mode where you learn to use basic controls. First, you fly through rings. If one is missed, the number of rings past is reset. After getting past all the rings, you are sent into all-range mode, a mode on main game, training, and vs. mode where you fly wherever you want within an enclosed boundry. On the all-range mode of training there are an infinite amount of enemies. After killing 100 enemies, the Wolfen will come and hunt you. When you defeat it, another Wolfen will arrive, and so on and so forth. You still have a life meter, so to get the Wolfen to appear, barrel-rolling as much as possible is a simple strategy to avoid being shot down.


Vs. mode is up to four players(P1-Fox, P2-Peppy, P3-Slippy, P4-Falco). The Arwing is mostly used in versus, but however, after obtaining the medal on Venom, you can play as Landmasters and after obtaining the medal on Venom on hard mode, you can play on foot with a bazooka. There is only one twin laser token and one Smart Bomb. When someone gets one or the other, you will only be able to get it back if he dies or if he shoots it in a Smart Bomb's path. There are three battles you can choose from: Point Match, Battle Royale, and Time Trials. Point Match is where you have to shoot down your opponent a chosen amount of times to win. In Battle Royale, the last ship in the air wins. In Time Trial, the person who shoots down the opponent most in a chosen amount of time wins.


  • Gold Rings-three will expand your life
  • Silver Rings-heals you a little
  • Silver Stars-heals you almost fully
    Smart Bomb brl

    Smart Bomb

  • Twin Lasers-powers your lasers up
  • Smart Bomb-a powerful bomb that destroys all enemies within a medium-sized radius

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