The GameEdit

Star Fox: Assault is considered a "best seller," as it is seen on the cover of many of the cases. You can play as the Landmaster, Arwing, and even as the pilots themselves. It involves the Aparoids, an insect-like species that can control technology and any electrical device. They take over the Lylat System and the Star Fox Team has to save it once again.


The plot of Star Fox: Assault is that the Star Fox Team is chasing down the remnants of Andross's army, including his nephew, Andrew Oikonny. After they get through the armada, they catch up with Oikonny and shoot him down. Once he is down, an insect-like creature called an Aparoid comes and Star Fox destroys it. Then, the Aparoid invasion begins. The only way the Lylat System can be saved is if the Aparoid Queen is destroyed. Fox goes through many planets to get to the queen. After the queen is dead, all of the Aparoids are destroyed because of Beltino Toad's idea to destroy the self-destruct body of the Aparoid queen with a bomb.

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