The Star Fox emblem.

Star Fox is a video game series by Nintendo that involves Fox McCloud, a male Red Fox who is the leader of the Star Fox Team. Other characters in the series include Peppy Hare, a rabbit that was in the original Star Fox team with Fox's father, James McCloud, Slippy Toad, a frog who Fox met and befriended in the Cornerian Flight Academy, Falco Lombardi, a brash blue-and-red falcon who was also met by Fox in the academy, and Krystal, Fox's love. There are five games in the Star Fox Series: Star Fox for Super NES, Star Fox 64 for Nintendo 64, Star Fox Adventures for Gamecube, Star Fox Assault for Gamecube, and Star Fox Command for Nintendo DS.

Star Fox (SNES)Edit


Star Fox SNES cover.

This is the first game in the Star Fox Series. In Europe, it was named Star Wing for Legal reasons, and in Japan it was named Lylat Wars for similar reasons. This game was revolutionary in that it was the first to contain and utelize the Super FX chip, which gave it the 3-D appearance. The plot is that young Fox McCloud, at that time 18 years of age, must save the Lylat System from the clutches of the evil Andross, a crazed scientist who is bent on controlling the system and defeating Fox and his friends. In the end , Fox and the Star Fox Team defeat Andross and his servants to restore peace to Corneria, Fox's home planet, and to the whole Lylat System.

Star Fox 64Edit


The Star Fox 64 start screen.

Star Fox 64 is the second game in the series, not counting Star Fox 2. It features new characters such as R.O.B. 64, Wolf O'donnel, Bill Grey, and Katt Monroe. There are 15 stages in 64 and three paths (easy, medium, and hard). Arwings are still usable, and so are new vehicles: the Landmaster and the Blue Marine. This is also the first game to feature the Great Fox, Fox's capital ship. The plot is that the evil Andross has threatened to destroy the Lylat System and General Pepper has sent Fox McCloud and the Star Fox Team to defeat him. They succeed in doing so and defeat Andross and his servants once and for all. This is the last game in which Andross is alive.

Star Fox: AdventuresEdit

Star Fox Advntrs

Star Fox: Adventures

Star Fox: Adventures, was the first Star Fox game to come out on the GameCube. Unlike Star Fox SNES and Star Fox 64, you are mainly on foot. In the beginning, a new character named Krystal is searching for her parents' killer. She lands on a place called Sauria. During her search, she was trapped in a crystal. Meanwhile, Star Fox heard a distress call on Dinosaur Planet and flew down as well. Later, when Fox McCloud finds out that General Scales was keeping Krystal trapped so he could revive Andross, he saved Krystal and she Joined Star Fox.

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

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