Slippy Toad as he appears in Star Fox: Command.

Slippy Toad is a frog who is a very close friend to Fox ever since they met in the Cornerian Flight Academy. He is not knowing for his flight skills, but rather his intellect. He makes most of the Team's weapons, and he acts as their technician. His first appearance was in Star Fox SNES

Star Fox SNESEdit


Slippy as he appears in SNES.

In Star Fox SNES, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Slippy appears as a deep-voiced frog who is constantly in need of help. He is very kind and timid, always being grateful when his best friend, Fox McCloud, saves him from an oncoming Venomian ship.
Slippy 64

Slippy from Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64Edit

In Star Fox 64, Slippy is a toad with a much higher voice than in SNES. He flies an Arwing and is only playable in Vs. mode. He is a major help as he identifies enemy life meters. If he is shot down in battle, there will be no boss life meter. He wears a red hat.

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