180px-Normal ROB64

R.O.B. 64 as he appears in Star Fox Command

R.O.B. 64 is a robot that pilots the Great Fox. He helps Fox get from planet to planet. He also tells Fox of incoming messages and gives him supplies. He made his first appearance in Star Fox 64. Since then, he has appeared in all Star Fox games.

Star Fox 64Edit

Rob 64

R.O.B. 64 from Star Fox 64

This was R.O.B. 64's first appearance, and his ship, the Great Fox also made its first appearance in this. You only see him in training and on main game. His main purpose is to help out Star Fox. He gives them special boxes with items and on certain levels such as Area 6, he uses the Great Fox to help the team through the level. At the end of the game credits, R.O.B. 64 says that the Great Fox is ready.

Star Fox: AdventuresEdit

The only thing R.O.B. 64 does in Star Fox: Adventures is help with saved data.

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

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